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Parking Authority

The Parking Authority shall have the power to establish rules and regulations for the parking of motor vehicles within the Town of Ridgefield. The Parking Authority shall have the ability to levy fines and lay out parking areas. The parking authority does not have the power to purchase or install parking meters. Any expenses for the parking authority shall be first approved by the Board of Finance and transfers made in accordance with the Charter of the Town of Ridgefield. All leases, purchases, condemnations or other forms of acquisitions must be first approved by the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, and Town Meeting of the Town of Ridgefield.

Parking Authority Members

  • Christopher Fusaro
  • Richard A. Moccia
  • Mark Seavy
  • Jessica M. Wilmot

Where can you park in Town?  Please see the map by clicking here.  Time limits and areas are highlighted.


Branchville Train Station Parking

The 2017 Branchville Application lottery is now OPEN.  To purchase a permit, please submit a completed application, check payment along with proof of commuting to the following: 

Town of Ridgefield
Human Resources    
400 Main Street
Ridgefield, CT 06877

2017 Branchville Application - Click here to Print 
Please see additional information on the application 

Additional Parking Information:

Tickets and Daily Parking will be $5 per day, with a ticket left on the automobile, to be mailed within 30 days. After thirty days the payment will double, and then will increase to $50 after a total of 60 days without payment. Tickets will be issued for anyone parked in the Permit Parking Area without a permit. Tickets in this area are $15 and are doubled after 14 days and go to $50 after 30 days. Scofflaw will apply to both train and tickets, after 5 unpaid tickets/daily parking, the owner will no longer be able to register their vehicle.  Renewals: A letter to current permit holders (tier 1) will be sent with an applicable deadline for return, requiring proof of ridership from the most recent year, and payment. Those who still meet tier 1 eligibility will be reissued a permit for the next calendar year. Those who no longer meet the requirements will fall into tier 2 and tier 3. If there is a waiting list for tier 1, those people will then be provided the opportunity to buy permits at tier 2 and tier 3. Finally, after tier 1 and tier 2 permits are issued , if there are any available , tier 3 will again be available during normal business hours at Town Hall.

  No Permit Refunds after October 1, 2016.



An alternative to the Branchville line is the Harlem-Hudson line. Click herePg1herePg2  for info on the HART Shuttle to the
Katonah Train Station into Grand Central.


Town of Ridgefield Parking-

Parking Lottery Permit Form-Effective July 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016
(click here to Print the 2016 form)

2016 Parking Hearing Appeals Dates
(2nd Thursday of every month)
December 8

2017 Parking Hearing Appeals Dates
(2nd Thursday of every month)
January 12, February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11,
June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14, October 12, 
November 9, December 14

(You MUST attend the next scheduled Hearing and write the date on the form before submitting it)

Parking Authority Meeting Schedule
Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at 8:00 am in the Town Hall Small Conference Room.


Meeting Minutes 2016-Click on dates to read Minutes

The Parking Authority Meetings are typically held on the second Thursday of each month at 8:30AM at the Town Hall Small conference room. 

December 8, 2016
November 10, 2016
October 13, 2016
September 8, 2016
August 11, 2016
July 14, 2016
June 9, 2016
June 3, 2016-Cancelled
May 12, 2016-Special Mtg Minutes


Meeting Minutes 2014 

December 5, 2014
November 7, 2014
October 3, 2014
September 12, 2014
August 1, 2014
July 11, 2014 -Special Mtg
June 6, 2014
May 2, 2014
April 4, 2014
March 7, 2014
February 7, 2014
January 10, 2014

Meeting Minutes 2013 
December 6, 2013
November 1, 2013
October 4, 2013
September 6, 2013
August 2, 2013

July 5, 2013
June 7, 2013
May 3, 2013
April 5, 2013
March 1, 2013
February 1, 2013
January 4, 2013-Meeting Canceled

Meeting Minutes 2012 
December 7, 2012
November 2, 2012
October 5, 2012
September 7, 2012
August 10, 2012-Special Mtg.
August 3, 2012-Canceled
July 6, 2012
June 1, 2012
May 4, 2012-
April 13, 2012-Special Mtg.
April 6, 2012-Changed to SPECIAL Mtg, April 13, 2012
March 2, 2012
February 3, 2012

January 6, 2012

Meeting Minutes 2011 
December 2, 2011
February 4, 2011-

Meeting Minutes 2010
November 5, 2010 Special Mtg Unapproved
October meeting - canceled
September 10, 2010 Special Mtg Unapproved

August 27, 2010 special meeting minutes
August 6, 2010 special meeting minutes
10-10-08  (click date to view)
August 21, 2009 Unapproved Meeting Minutes

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