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The Ridgefield Police Department's guide is:
 Let No One's Ghost Ever Say "If Only Our Training Program Had Done Its Job"

The Ridgefield Police Department strongly believes in providing the best possible continuing training for its Officers. Besides annual in-house training in areas such as Weapons Qualifications, Baton, Law Acts, MRT, Handcuffing, NCIC/COLLECT and Patrol Tactics to include defensive training and laser training. Officers are sent to many off-department schools and seminars. Examples are:
                FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia
                Police Academy in Meriden, Connecticut
                Seminars and Courses offered at various locations


Physical Fitness

The Ridgefield Police Department endorses and supports the efforts of our Officers to keep themselves in exemplary physical condition. One way this is done is through our incentive-based Fitness Testing Events, held several times throughout the year.  Officers can volunteer to engage in these events; standards are set for various workouts to include the mile and one half run; bench press; sit-ups; sit and reach, tire roll and any new forms of exercise that are popular at the time of the testing. If the proper standards are reached by each individual Officer, time off is granted. There is no punitive measures for not reaching the standards.
The Department provides a gymnasium that has free weights, punching bag, kettlebells, etc. which the Officers may use as they wish.


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