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Following is some information that residents of the Community may find helpful now or for future reference:       
                 -  Consumer Protection
                 -  Credit Report
                 -  Drug Information Link
                 -  Drug Take-Back Program
                 -  Internal Affairs Procedures (Civilian Complaint Procedure)
                 -  Internet Pointers and Parent Resources
                 -  On-Line State Ticket Payment Link (CT)
                 -  Sex Offender Registry Link  
                 -  Unsolicited Communication
                 -  Victim Notification Program

Consumer Protection:
Automotive Assistance:For anyone who has had the misfortune of having their dream car turn into a nightmare, Connecticut residents may be eligible to rectify the situation by checking out the Lemon Law Program at
At this site, you can learn about the Lemon Law and, if applicable, access the Application Form.

Home Improvement::
Many residents have opted to make home improvements to their present residence and many have had some misfortune when dealing with contractors.  According to the State of Connecticut, homeowners can avoid some headaches when entering into home improvements when they:
1)  Get to know the Contractor, get references from previous customers and visit past job sites.
2)  Get more than one estimate; if the job bids differ significantly, get more bids.  Do not assume that the extremely low bid is a bargain until you be sure that the quality of the material being used meets standard guidelines.
3)  Get involved in learning what actually will be done with the improvements so you will understand why a bid may be higher than expected.
4)  Don't sign any Contract or approve any Plans or Blueprints unless you FULLY understand them.
5)  Plan your payments according to the work as it progresses.  Be leery of any contractor who demands full payment up front or a large advance up front.
6)  Be sure the necessary building permits are in hand.  This is primarily the HOMEOWNER'S responsibility so if something has not been obtained, the homeowner will be held responsible.
7)  Homeowners who enter into a Contract must be informed that they have three (3) business days to cancel.

Residents can obtain further information or register a complaint by viewing the site where the above information was obtained: //

 Credit Reports:
To keep an up-to-date accounting of your credit rating, request a copy of your credit report from:

 Drug Resource and Links:
For solid information regarding all types of drugs, parents can view:

 Drug Take-Back Program
The Ridgefield Police Department, under the initiative of (Retired) Captain Scharf, installed a drop-off box in the lobby of Headquarters for residents to safely dispose of unused, expired or unwanted prescription drugs.  This program has been favorably received by the Community and large quantities of drugs have been deposited in the box which are eventually incinerated.  The drop-off box may be accessed 24 hours a day, Sunday through Saturday, and any pill container, or prescription liquid medication that is tightly sealed, can be placed into the drop box.  The program has a three-fold purpose:

1)  Reduce drug abuse:  Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in our society.  The abuse of medicines often results in medical emergencies or fatal overdoses.  Most abusers of medicines, including youths, get the drugs from a friend or relative - not a drug dealer.  The take-back program gets potentially dangerous leftover drugs out of our homes and away from our children.
2)  Reduce accidental poisoning:  Unwanted medicines left in our homes endanger our children, seniors and pets who do not comprehend the ramifications of taking the drug.  Poisoning from prescription and over-the-counter medicines occur frequently and the take-back program plays an important part in keeping everyone safe in the home.
3)  Reduce Adverse Effects on the Environment:  The course of action to dispose of unwanted, unused or expired drugs was to flush them in the toilet or mix them with kitty litter and throw them in the garbage.  Flushing medications sends them directly into our waters, harming the environment, which has been a prominent issue brought to the public's attention by environmentalists.  Throwing the drugs out in the garbage poses the possibility of someone finding and using them and also does not guarantee that they will not damage the environment in the course of their disposal.
The Drug Take-Back Program is the only secure and environmentally sound way to dispose of leftover and expired medications.  The Ridgefield Police Department hopes that the residents of Ridgefield continue to use this program to keep our Community safe.

 Internal Affairs Procedures - Civilian Complaint

Internet Pointers and Parent Resources:
Parents have been trying to instill in their children the dangers of the Internet.  Many children get it but for some, warnings may not be enough to convince your children to be safe on line; teens are sometimes resistant to taking the advice of their parents but it is important to keep reminding them.

There are very real dangers on the Internet social networking sites like; it is one of the most popular sites among teens and preteens.  On these sites, due to anonymity, teens can pretend to be older and predators can pretend to be younger.  Sites like Facebook allows people to post photos, create blogs, connect with other members and list their online buddies.  In the process of establishing themselves on this site, many youths have revealed their home address, school name and places frequented which can allow someone to pinpoint their location. The posted photos are many times suggestive in nature or showing activity such as drinking or drugging.  Sites like this are a candy store for predators.

Online sites frequently visited by girls promotes anorexia and gives girls who are prone to this disorder, tips on how to damage themselves even more.  Parents concerned that their child may be dealing with anorexia or other eating disorders can visit  This site also has other tips and information that can be valuable to all youth and teens.

A site for girls to research several topics for guidance, information and support is at Girls Health

A good site for parents to visit to keep abreast of drugs and related issues is

An excellent site for parents to view the merits of films suitable for their children and their age group is Kids in Mind is a huge site that provides information about diseases, food, nutrition, stress and getting along.  It also has games and quizzes to engage youth while they learn.

In order to try to limit access to Internet dangers, parents should :
1)  tell their children to never provide personal information while in a chat room or on a bulletin board.
2)  tell their children to never send their photos or photos of family members to anyone they do not know.
3)  tell their children to never make plans to physically meet with someone they meet online without their parents' permission.
4)  tell their children that if they receive an inappropriate e-mail, tell their parents who should report it to their service provider.
5)  keep in mind that social-networking sites are a popular way to spread spyware.
6)  parents should visit Facebook's Safety Center for great tips on staying safe on-line.
7)  parents should also visit Facebook's Tools and Resources to secure access and be sure to set the Privacy Settings to Friends.
Parents should also consider placing the computer in a central location in the home - not the child's room - and occasionally monitor what your child is doing on the Internet.
Parents should consider limiting the amount of time and set specific hours when their children can use the Internet.
Parents should consider purchasing filtering software to block inappropriate sites, chat rooms and content or check with your service provider to see if such options are available with your subscription.

A good website to check out is which has quality content and links for further information.

A good website to check out for controlling spam is

Online Payment of Motor Vehicle and Criminal Infraction Tickets:

Sex Offender Registry:
The Town of Ridgefield has adopted a Sex Offender code which can be viewed in the Code of Ordinances.  When you open the site, click on Quick View and scroll down to Section 300 Sex Offenders

The following is a link to the State Sex Offender Registry  or  the National Registry

Telephone Solicitations
If unwanted solicitations are received, you can remove your name from the phone book and/or reverse directories or you can register at the Do Not Call Registry.

Victim Notification Program   (ICE)
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) have established a Victim Notification Program which allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody. The victims and witnesses are required to register with the above-listed agencies in order to receive this notification of a criminal alien's release. 
Click on this link for ICE:



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