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  Two special units of the Department are:
         -  Bike Patrol Unit
         -  K-9 Unit

Bike Patrol Unit

The Ridgefield Police Department initiated a Bike Patrol program in an effort to enrich Community relations and provide tangible public service.   We hope to achieve this by creating an atmosphere of safety through interaction with residents, contact with the public while on patrol and visibility within the Community.  With the bike patrol, Officers can help store merchants with unwanted gatherings outside their establishments and enable the Officer an opportunity to mingle with the youths that congregate after school; thereby, initiating a better rapport so the youth can feel that the Officer is approachable.

Our pilot program, started in the Spring of 2005, was enthusiastically received by merchants and townspeople who felt it added a more personal touch to the Police Officer making him/her part of the everyday life of the Community.  The bikes allow our Officers to have contact with the residents similar to our Walking Patrols but also offers the ability to quickly and safely respond to additional calls, when necessary.

Officers receive training before they commence bike patrol and are Certified when they mount the bike; the Department now has three qualified Officers.  The primary pilot areas for bike patrol are the Main Street area and the Copps Hill area of Town.  


K-9 Unit

The Ridgefield Police Department has had a canine by the name of Zeus as part of its patrol since May 2006.  Zeus was made possible for the Department through the generosity of Ridgefield residents and businesses and is entirely funded by private donations. 

Police canines have proven to be invaluable in identifying narcotics at levels that are undetectable to Officers and in cases of missing or fleeing persons, their tracking skills are unmatched.  The addition of the K-9 Unit shows positive initiative by the Ridgefield Police Department to the Community in taking steps toward decreasing criminal activity.

Zeus, a German Shepherd born and schooled in the Czech Republic, trained with his handler for several months and now lives with and is cared for by his RPD handler, Officer Shawn Murray.  Fully trained, Zeus and Officer Murray have become part of the Ridgefield Police Department's Patrol schedule and will also be available for any emergency calls from neighboring towns.
Sadly, on May 20, 2014, our Zeus officially retired.  Zeus, at ten years old, was forced to retire as a result of a degenerative hip disorder.  Zeus served the RPD well during his career in over fifty tracking incidents and over two-hundred and fifty narcotic arrests.  Zeus also provided an education to the public over his years of service by performing hundreds of demonstrations highlighting his skills.  Zeus will be missed by all the members of the Department but most of all by Officer Murray who has had such a bond with his partner, Zeus, while on patrol and caring for him in his home. 

On April 15, 2015, due to Zeus' deteriorating health condition, he was euthanized.  The Ridgefield Police Department was accompanied by fellow Officers, K-9 units and friends in providing Zeus a final ride though his Town as a thank you for his years of service and dedication.

On October 30, 2014 the Department acquired their current K-9 - Loki - who was officially sworn in at the March 12, 2015 Police Commission meeting.  Loki has already assisted with several incidents and we know he will continue in Zeus' steps to protect and serve the community.  Loki is a very people-friendly dog and loves to perform.


Child Seat Restraint Unit

 Lt. Jeffrey Smith, Police Officer Luis Caba and Police Officer Victoria Ryan have volunteered to offer this program to the public which encompasses both education about and installation of child seats for all Ridgefield residents.   Their mission is outlined below and they have proven to be of great assistance to all who seek their guidance:






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